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Privacy Policy:

Who are we? is our launched website.

What data are asked to the clients and why?

The comments that are shown are the feedbacks of the users, which were collected by us and are visible to all visitors. To stay alert from scams we collect the IP address of users. An anonymous string is created by using the email address of the users to confirm that the user is using it, so send it to Gravatar service. The privacy policy of gravatar is: https// When the user approves we make their comments visible along with the display picture.


We advise our clients not to attach location details with the uploaded images in the website, as the data could be excluded and used in the wrong ways by the visitors.

Contact forms Cookies

To make your commenting access more efficient, you can just save your details like an email address or names to the cookies, while giving feedback on the website. By which visitors can comment without filling any forms several times. The cookies are saved for a year which is way convenient for the users.

Terms and Conditions

We would like to recommend all our users and visitors to go through the terms and conditions of the website, and they are as follows:-
  • The health products we proffer in our website may have different manufacturers or sellers.
  • We do only give genuine reviews and feedbacks of the products, as the manufacturers hold all the rights so they are liable and responsible for all the deals with the bought products, and we will not be responsible for any of these.
  • We advise our clients to consult their experts or doctors and follow them. We do not ask to replace them with our reviews and suggestions.
  • If you are willing to use any of the data in this website then do contact the owner for the very permissions.
  • The data of clients are kept safe as we never trade or sell our client’s personal information.
  • Our website have various external links, we do not have any access to those ads and links. If you want then do clink on them at your own risk as we won’t be responsible for it.

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